Lansing Area Landscape Services

Greater Lansing Landscaping Services

Greater Lansing Landscaping Company, Redwood Landscaping is a multi-dimensional landscaping company that serves greater Lansing, MI.

We do more than just mow your lawn and add new mulch every year. We do the little things to your lawn and landscaping to give the homeowner or business owner a sense of pride when someone visits their home or business. Your outdoor environment is something that you should and will be proud of when you have Redwood Landscaping Company take care of all your Lansing area landscaping needs. We treat your home and business like it’s our own and it shows. Below is a list of some of our landscaping, landscape maintenance and lawn maintenance services with descriptions below them.

Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch is usually replenished annually with a 1-1.5 inch fresh layer. While a base of 1-3 inches is desirable, thick layers and mulch piled high against trunks and plantings can be detrimental and should be avoided. Benefits of mulch beyond aesthetics are water retention for plantings, freeze protection and weed suppression.
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Mowing, Trimming, and Edging

Proper mowing includes using professional equipment set at the appropriate height with sharpened blades and done with regular frequency and in alternating directions. This promotes a healthy, thick, well rooted, weed free turf, which is aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable in numerous ways. Trimming of obstacles and edging cement surfaces provides the finished/manicured look. Visit our lawn care page for more information on lawn maintenance in the Lansing MI area.
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Shrub, Hedge, and Groundcover Trimming & Pruning

Shrub, Hedge, and Groundcover Trimming & Pruning is usually performed twice per year (though some may be trimmed once or not at all). Benefits include aesthetics, health, and plant size management. There are many and varying techniques, tools, opinions, budgets, goals, and perceptions when it comes to correct pruning and trimming.
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Spring and Fall Clean-up

Spring and Fall Clean-up of leaves, sticks, litter, etc. from lawn and bed areas is necessary aesthetically, but also in preparing the turf and beds for the upcoming seasons and for reducing disease, insect, and rodent problems.
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Tree Trimming & Pruning (Deciduous)

Tree Trimming/Pruning (Deciduous up to 15" in hgt.) is generally performed once per year. Water sprouts and suckers are removed, as are limbs that are low, interfering, hazardous, diseased, severely damaged or improperly growing. Trees usually should not be sheared into shape or topped. They should be allowed to grow to their natural shape and height. Trimming promotes health, vigor, safety and guides natural growth.
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Irrigation - Sprinkling

Proper watering is important to a landscapes health to avoid creating or compounding existing problems. Consideration should be given to frequency, amount, time of day and using the correct sprinklers, which are properly adjusted. Redwood Landscape can install underground sprinkler systems and repair them. Learn more here about our Greater Lansing area irrigation systems.
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Aeration is accomplished by coring, which removes plugs of soil from the ground. This allows water, air, nutrients and grass roots to penetrate deeper thereby, providing a healthier lawn. These plugs of soil when left on the surface help decompose and beneficially alter the composition of the thatch layer.
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Bed Edging

Bed Edging can be done mechanically.  Beds should be edged minimally once per season for aesthetics and to ensure bed size is adequate for plant/turf health, care and protection.
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Landscaping - Lawn Installation

While we do provide some landscape design and light excavating services, we do complete landscape installation from beginning to end. However we specialize and are geared more toward light landscaping. Usually landscaping involves improvements, upgrades, renovations, sprucing up, specimen/accent plants, small retaining walls, and 1 or 2 day landscape jobs from scratch.  Learn more about our Landscaping services here.
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Weed Management

Weed Management of beds is performed for aesthetics and to reduce/eliminate competition between weeds and desirable plantings for moisture, nutrients and sun light. It is performed biweekly spring through summer by means of hand pulling and other cultivating methods. Healthy and dense ground covers and plantings serve as quality weed management tools, along with coverings such as mulch, rock and stone.
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Snow Removal

We offer snow plowing, shoveling, loading and de-icing services. Normally plowing/shoveling is preformed on a seasonal basis with accumulations of 1.5 inches of snow and it takes place between 12am and 7am. We will plow during the day and more than once in 24 hours should conditions warrant. On occasion we do some per time work. Snow loading is seldom required, but when performed is done per hour. De-icing is performed as required or requested on an extra charge basis depending on the amount and type of de-ice is used. Visit our snow plowing page to learn more about snow removal services in the Lansing area.
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Hardscape Creations

The artful application of landscaping stone, walls, waterfalls, ponds, patios or walkways could enhance the natural elements that you've already employed. Also, the aesthetic and functional use of hardscape landscaping will raise the value of your property.
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